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Singing To My Soul

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This funky, soulful co-write was written by Camden Hughes and Alisha Peru. It's not every day that a jazz pianist and an alternative rocker combine forces, but this unlikely pair "met in the middle" beautifully to write this inspiring, funky tune.

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Singing To My Soul, Yeah!

Verse 1
When the hand came
Dropped you in my life
I could tell that
Through the winter,
Rain, the storms, the strife
We’d survive it
Pull the jigsaw of our hearts
Into one, into one

Singing to my soul, yeah!

Verse 2
When I step away from the limelight
Be my home, yeah
In my cloudy days your my spotlight
Shining bright, so
Hold my hand, forever we’ll withstand
Be my smile when I don’t know how, keep

Singing to my soul, yeah!


Ooooo…you’re my everything, everything…

Verse 3
When you go gray
When I’m silver lined, still got that
Childish grin, yeah!
With our ancient digital photographs
Look where we’ve been
Growing. rings within our tree
With the fun of young love, keep

Singing to my soul, yeah!
Singing to my soul, yeah…(vamp)